Friday, June 15, 2007

Well, The Simple Life Just Isn't Simple - YET!

Blogging is supposed to be about making regular postings - at least somewhat regular postings. I guess up to this point it's been simpler to not post then to make the time to post. Well, I've said this to myself before - and I'm saying it again. "Get with it!" So, I'm back again.

Actually, there has been a lot going on. I really am working toward The Simple Life and a big part of that is extracting myself from a very complex industry that seems to either take up too much of my time - or leave me too brain dead to want to make time to share my thoughts.

I'm in the process of becoming a former book publisher. Dismantling a trade book publishing business is definitely not simple and that is probably what has kept me in this business for the last several years. Well, I finally bit the bullet, took the plunge, jumped off the cliff - I'm dealing with the complexity and pain (in a certain part of my anatomy) as I get out of the book publishing industry and re-invent myself.

There are a lot of steps to making this very major life change and re-invention of who I am, but at age 62, as difficult as it is - I also find it exciting. Actually, I've dubbed it my "Fourth Life." It's like another way of being "born again" only this doesn't involve any kind of religious conversion. I'm still defining what this Fourth Life really means to me. I'll let you know as I define it.

But, here is the basic plan:

1. Sell off, give away or trash just about everything - except necessities, of course, like clothing and such, the basic tools of my trade(s) and a few things of sentimental value (we all have some of those things - they keep us grounded and remind us of where we came from).

2. Complete dismantling and extracting myself from the publishing business.

3. Determine what I will do to generate an on going income from new revenue streams. I have a lot of knowledge, wisdom, experience and talent to call upon - but it MUST be based on virtual businesses that can operate on the Internet from anywhere - whenever I am anywhere I choose to be - including overseas. I can't go backward and retrace my tracks. The world and the recording and publishing industries have changed too drastically. Tape duplication is no longer an option since it's an obsolete industry. So, I have to synergize my thinking and experience into something forward thinking. I have several ideas to work from.

4. Another reason for downsizing and getting rid of all the "stuff" that has accumulated over a lifetime is because step 4 is to move into a large motor home which will become both my home and my office - probably for the next several years. Yep! The plan is to be a 21st Century gypsy, with Internet based businesses and relying on technology for taking care of just about all of the normal business and day to day living requirements. I want to "See the USA (and Canada) the RV way!" I want to criss-cross this nation, visit all the wonderful "off the interstate" places that make up Americana and meet all the people who live there and learn about them. I want to share what I know and have learned with those I meet to hopefully make their lives better in some way. My life will automatically be better because I will have met so many neat people.

So, at the moment, that's the basic plan. I'm going to put notes and signs up everywhere to remind me to blog at least a few times a week, if not more - just so I can get this entire adventure down - and make it available for anyone interested in reading it - and I hope, gaining some kind of useful insight from my experiences.

That's it for this posting. I didn't think I'd write this much this time. but, it's a New Start in a Brave New World. Your comments are solicited. More soon, maybe even tomorrow.