Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where Did The Time Go?

Here it is, the end of April already, my last entry was in February. What happened to March and the rest of April? Obviously, the concept of blogging requires some discipline. And living a simple lifestyle also requires some discipline in this very hectic, complex world. I have to spend some time thinking and possibly rethinking my intentions both for this blog and for the simplification of my life. If I can’t make a daily entry or even one every other day, then my life is still too complicated. There are still way too many things to deal with between family issues with a troubled sister, business and involvements with other organizations and people’s lives. Each has to be addressed individually. Each has to be addressed directly. Although, it would seem, decisions should be fairly simple and straightforward, at least for me, that isn’t so. Back to the drawing board! This is a process and I must focus in on it if I will be successful and be able to help, assist, and guide others who would like to achieve a simplified lifestyle.

The Virginia Sound Man